Some 510 streetcar service to resume Aug. 31 – Queens Quay Revitalization update

Construction Notice #113
Week of August 23 to August 29, 2014

New Road: Re-Opens

Crews completed the placement of asphalt for the first stretch of the new roadway north of the TTC corridor from 85 Harbour Street (RBC Place west driveway) to Rees Street.  This section of roadway received line painting prior to a shift of westbound traffic onto the newly surfaced roadway. The fast fence which lined the north curb and sidewalk area was also removed, allowing access and use of the new laybys at 208/218 Queens Quay, and 228/230 Queens Quay. Vehicles will now travel the new roadway from 85 Harbour to the east leg of Robertson Crescent. The final topcoat layer of asphalt will be applied mid to late September. This week, crews will continue work on granite curb placements, city standard brick gutters, TTC concrete buffers and all manhole and catch basin adjustments from 260 Queens Quay west to Rees Street.

TTC Streetcar Testing

TTC began testing streetcar operations through the Spadina/Queens Quay loop this week in preparation for the resumption of service on the 510 line. The 510 Spadina route, from the Spadina Station to the Loop is scheduled to resume on Sunday, August 31. The 509 Harbourfront line will resume service on October 12, 2014.

Harbourfront Centre: New Signs

Last week, Eastern Construction modified the fast fence along the south side curb lane adjacent to Harbourfront Centre in order for Harbourfront Centre crews to complete the installation of new signs and banners on the facade of 235 Queens Quay. The full width of the sidewalk area is now available for crews to work using scissor-lifts. This work is scheduled for Tuesday, August 26. Paid duty officers and Harbourfront Centre security staff will be positioned to direct pedestrians safely past this area.

Rees Street Parkette

A small section of the Rees Street Parkette has been fenced off in order for crews to replace the temporary asphalt sidewalk with new sod. The fence has been put up in the area adjacent to the new layby which is now open for use.

Hydrant Relocate

The fire hydrant located east of the Beer Store entrance will be relocated next week. This work will not require a water shutoff for local residents, but does require a slight modification of the fast fence in the area adjacent to the Rees Street parking lot. Pedestrians will be diverted around this work area. The relocation of this hydrant and fast fence will also accommodate the completion of work in the area of 350 Queens Quay and the Beer Store driveway in coming weeks.

Weekend Work: August 23/24

250 Queens Quay to Rees St: Continued road preparations for asphalt pour.

Spadina Loop area: Overhead cabling work TTC crews continue with adjustments and final details prior to resumption of 510 streetcar route.

Peter Slip Bridge west to Lower Spadina: All of the work on the TTC traction power conduits has been completed.  Over the next week, crews will complete finishing details, and the cleanup of this area.

Spadina west to Yo Yo Ma Lane: As part of the rail/track levelling adjustments, crews will be grinding the concrete base slab in advance of inspections and approvals, and before the rails are permanently set in concrete.

For information, please contact Robert Pasut, Eastern Construction at (416) 505-3073.

Ongoing Construction Updates

Harbour Square: Granite Sidewalk Installation

The sub-base is now being prepared for the granite sidewalks that will begin to be laid this week at 33 Harbour Square. This week, the second phase of the pedestrian diversion path will be constructed past the Scotiabank, and under the cover of the 33 Harbour Square colonnade. This fencing will accommodate for the progress and removal of old sidewalks heading west to York Street.  All work has been coordinated and approved with the Harbour Square property management team.

Peter Slip Bridge

All inspections have been completed and work approved allowing crews to pour concrete and set the rails on the Peter Slip Bridge. Last week, crews also dismantled the scaffold on the southside of the bridge. The scaffold will be reconstructed in subsequent weeks to allow crews to install vehicle crash barriers on both the north and south side facades of the Peter Slip Bridge.

TTC Track Installation

Crews will undertake final rail preparations and adjustments (between Lower Spadina and Yo Yo Ma Lane) prior to inspections and the pour of concrete to permanently set the rails. This week, small sections of the TTC corridor near the Spadina Loop entrance will also receive concrete pours.

TTC Streetcar Platforms

Rees Street: The eastbound platform has been formed and poured with concrete. New curbs, adjacent to the TTC corridor will be installed this week.

Rees Street west to Peter Slip Bridge: Last week, TTC crews began the placement of new cantilevered poles that support overhead streetcar cabling in this area. This work will continue this week.

390 and 410 Queens Quay: Remaining sections of the black metal fence that forms the physical barrier between these properties and the Spadina Loop will be reinstalled this week. This work is required in advance of the resumption of 510 route streetcar service August 31.

401 Queens Quay – The eastbound Lower Spadina platform has been excavated, and formed with rebar. The concrete is scheduled to be poured to create the platform this week.

Lower Spadina Platform – The glass partitions that formed the shelter for the north/south Spadina streetcars will be re-installed this week.

Granite Installation

Bay Street to 55/65 Harbour Square area: Last week, crews continued pouring the concrete base slabs over the newly installed silva cell infrastructure in this area. Crews also began installing the maple leaf pattern templates for the granite pavers starting from Bay Street and proceeding west. This week, crews will continue to pour the concrete base slab for the service road from Bay to York.

55/65 Harbour Square area to York Street: Last week, crews began to form the concrete base slabs over the completed silva cells in this area. Concrete pours are scheduled to continue this week. The promenade area will also be backfilled and receive a granular sub-base in preparation and in advance of the granite landscaping work.

Northwest Corner of York/Queens Quay: Last week, crews completed the placement of granite curbs, textured tiles (for accessibility), and new granite pavers from the curb area north to the recently poured concrete sidewalks and BIXI bike stand area. This week, the pedestrian path will be shifted onto the new granite pavers, allowing crews to continue work on the street pole foundation and base located at the corner of this intersection, as well as an additional pour of concrete which will take place near the BIXI bike stand area. Two additional tree trenches have also been completed and filled with soil. These new trees will be planted later this fall.

Northwest corner of Lower Simcoe/Queens Quay: Pole foundations at this corner of the intersection have been completed. Last week, electrical crews continued to work on the conduits and hand wells in this area. This week, crews will continue with sub-base preparations, a concrete base slab pour, and installation of granite pavers.

Rees Street Parking Lot: This week, crews will continue to lay granite pavers to the curb area of this intersection and up to the public washroom location. Crews will also begin the cleanup, and placement of planting soils in preparation of new sod that will be placed along the buffer area adjacent the Rees Street parking lot.

West of Lower Spadina: Last week, crews completed the placement of granite pavers for the Music Garden southside promenade, and the cleanup of the area which included repairs of the concrete retaining wall. A small area of this promenade will be re-opened this week to the public. Access will be available only from the steps leading from within the Music Garden and adjacent the Spadina Wetland.

Martin Goodman Trail

Last week, crews completed the installation of the silva cells from the Queens Quay Terminal west to Lower Simcoe/entrance for the Harbourfront Centre driveway. This included the backfill of these cells with planting soils. This week, crews will begin to prepare the sub-base, the forming of the tree trenches, and the concrete slabs which will cover the new cells.

Mid-week, crews are scheduled to remove the asphalt and old road base in two areas on the south side of Queens Quay. The first is at Lower Simcoe – west of Harbourfront Centre, moving west to meet crews that began excavations last week from Robertson Crescent (east leg) and proceeding east towards Lower Simcoe. The Ann Tindal Park entrance will be closed following the Labour Day long weekend to accommodate the road excavations. Crews will also begin the stripping and removal of asphalt and old road base east of the 207 Queens Quay driveway, moving east towards York Street.

New Roadway Construction Underway:

Bay Street to York Street: Last week, crews completed all roadwork preparations prior to the asphalt paving of the new roadway between York Street and the 85 Harbour driveway – north side.

York Street to Lower Simcoe: All roadwork preparations were completed last week, in advance of the asphalt paving and re-opening of the westbound traffic lanes. Work included the line painting for two lanes of westbound traffic, where possible.The driveway entrance/exit for the 200/208/218 Queens Quay properties was also re-opened last week.

Lower Simcoe to Rees: Last week, crews completed the asphalt paving for this section of roadway up to the 250 Queens Quay driveway. Crews will continue work on the excavation of the north side concrete curb cradles, and new granite curb placements past the 260/270 Queens Quay properties. In preparation of asphalt paving, crews will work to complete the city standard brick gutters, TTC concrete buffers, and all manhole and catch basin adjustments in this area.

Toronto Hydro

Toronto Hydro crews (PLP) will return to Queens Quay to finish their duct bank work in the Rees Street area once the final two utility “locates” are received. This work, which also includes the construction of two cable chambers on the southeast and southwest corners of the Rees Street intersection, could not be completed until the TTC corridor was rebuilt in this area.

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