Singing River at Corktown Common Sept. 24

Singing River presents storytellers, dance, music and audio art inspired by rivers and lakes. Storytellers Cathy Elliott, Sharada Eswar and Diana Tso share tales from Indigenous Canada and around the world, inviting us to renew our relationship with our city’s rivers. Stories of river creatures include Chinese river dragons; the Mi’kmaq horned serpent; and Kaliya, the multi-headed snake from Hindu mythology. Supernatural creatures which wield power through flooding and natural disaster can be appeased by our respectful relationships with rivers, lakes and streams. Julia Aplin’s dancing Nomads will roam the park with their canoe, in search of the river and adventure. Vocal chameleon Christine Duncan and the Burble Choir give voice to the struggles and pleasures of an urban river. The soulful Alex Samaras and GREX sing of the intertwined lives of humans and trees: we are all “rooted in the same ground.” Nova Bhattacharya’s evocative Bird waits and watches as time and the river pass — with dancer Lucy Rupert and percussionist Germaine Liu. Julia Aplin’s River Spirit is immersive dance at its most powerful: an exercise in trust and flow, dancing with the river. Undercurrents sets the Bala underpass reverberating with an original song to the Wonscotonach/Don River, sung in Ojibway by Marie Gaudet. Dates: Saturday, September 24 from 2pm to 6pm Location: Corktown Common – 155 Bayview Avenue (map) This is a free outdoor event. There is no formal seating for this event. At various points during the event, audience members may be invited to participate in the performance. If you’d like to sit, we recommend bringing a blanket or a lawn chair. Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks to enjoy. Courtesy of Waterfront Toronto’s August-September newsletter.