Review of Fieramosca on Prince Arthur Ave

Annabelle Goodman –

When two family members came here from Calgary I wanted to entertain at a fine lunch. Fieramosca immediately came to mind. The restaurant is in an older house that in the past has housed many different restaurants. I have dined well on Indian, Chinese and French in the past. Fieramosca serves the finest Italian food and is a popular spot in the Annex. Most of the guests were dining on the lovely patio out in the back. We were delighted to have my favorite round table by the fireplace. Obviously the fire wasn’t on but the warmth of the company and the restaurant made for a wonderful reunion lunch. This is a busy spot and in the evening it can be very crowded. Make sure you have a reservation.

Before you even have your hat and coat removed that wonderful fresh Broschetta arrives. Freshly flavored tomatoes are on a pizza like crust. It is welcoming and delicious. A basket of bread arrives as well with balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the table. Please save room for the fantastic food.

A wonderful menu is offered for a variety of tastes. Both guests opted for the Caprese Salad. It was a generous portion with slices of tomatoes, a healthy portion of sliced fresh mozzarella cheese and basil. It was lightly flavored with olive oil but the balsamic and olive oil on the table were added to make this a most tasty beginning. Caesar Salad and Grilled Octopus were a few of the other suggestions. Gamberi E Carciofi Fieramosca or Cozze Marinara are two seafood choices for a healthy appetizer or a light lunch. The Calamari Alla Griglia is drizzled with balsamic and is always a popular choice.

I always opt for the Insalate di Mare. A large bowl was filled with lightly cooked shrimp, swordfish and salmon. Calamari, squid and mussels are also part of this dish but I opted to not to have those additions. The fish had been lightly prepared in a flavored white wine sauce. It was wonderful. I really had to stop myself from licking the bowl.

My two guests wanted to try the Pasta. The Linguini with Mixed Vegetables was served in a large white bowl. The steam was sufficient for a facial. I always believe the pasta should be served hot because it cools down so quickly. This was a healthy portion and I am happy to state that my guests enjoyed it all. There are many variations of pasta type as well as the sauce. Some dishes are served with either the typical rose sauce or a white wine sauce. It is also possible to have a cream sauce. Mix and match works well here. The staff is so accommodating. The pasta is always al dente. The sauces are freshly prepared. There were so many vegetables in the portion. It was delightful to see my guests so satisfied.

When dining in the evening I always choose the Swordfish. Not too many restaurants serve this fish. It is firm and tasty and one of my favorites. The Veal dishes are also very popular.

I have dined at Fieramosca since it opened in this location. I confess I was a regular when the establishment was first located on Avenue Rd just above Bloor. I used to love to dine in the backyard area all lit with miniature lights.

The service is exquisite. The food is always a gourmet delight. All you have to do is come with someone of your choice and make it a memorable event.