Queens Quay Construction Notice #103 for June 14-20

Construction Notice #103
Week of June 14 to June 20, 2014

Upcoming Events

Two events to watch this week! The Redpath Festival returns to the waterfront on June 20 and World Pride also comes to Toronto on June 20 with many visitors expected to the waterfront.

Construction News

Essential Services Night Work: Water Shut Off Required

Overnight work will be required on Wednesday, June 18 to complete the final installation of new watermain valves east of Rees and Queens Quay. A temporary overnight water shutoff will be required between 10pm and 5am for The Radisson Hotel, Amsterdam Brewery and PawsWay/Williams Cafe.

Intersection Closures: Reminder

The Queens Quay/York Street and Queens Quay/Rees Street intersections remain partially closed to accommodate the rebuild the streetcar corridor and the new roadway across the intersections. The work is expected to take approximately two more weeks to complete.

Overnight Rail Delivery Complete

Last week, TTC crews delivered the final sections of rail for the York and Rees Street intersections and Rees Street west to the Peter Slip Bridge. The stock of rail which was stored on Queens Quay East at Cooper Street has now been removed and the area was cleared of debris and swept.

Weekend Work: June 14 /15

Eastern Construction will have crews working this weekend:

  • York and Rees intersections: TTC rebuild and pour of concrete to set new streetcar rails
  • Peter Slip Bridge area: Pole foundations and pole installations
  • Spadina Loop east entrance: TTC rebuild, pole foundations, and concrete pour to set loop track entrance
  • In addition, crews will be working on electrical work for the TTC rebuild in areas across the site. Some night work by TTC crews may be possible. For information, please contact Robert Pasut, Eastern Construction at (416) 505-3073.

City Roadwork: Lake Shore Boulevard

The City of Toronto will be undertaking nightly lane reductions and closures on Lake Shore Boulevard from Yonge Street to Windermere Road from June 12 to 20. Traffic delays are expected during the closures. This work is scheduled to take place in the evening and overnight to manage disruption to the travelling public. More information is available in the City’s news release about this work.

Ongoing Construction Updates

TTC Rebuild: Track installation and associated works will continue at the York and Rees intersections. Excavation for the last section, east of Lower Spadina (just east of the Peter Slip Bridge) will continue this week. Tracks for this section were delivered last week and are scheduled to be set in place once the concrete base slab and supporting infrastructure work is completed.

Spadina Loop Reconstruction: The final section of curved rails for the Loop entrance was installed last week and set in concrete. Crews will begin pouring concrete for the straight pieces of rail in front of Shoppers Drug Mart tomorrow. Work has also begun on excavations for the pole foundations for streetcar overhead wiring. Several footings have been installed. Crews will continue installing pole foundation in this area (on the north side of Queens Quay).

Granite installation and Parking Laybys:

  • Bay to York (southside) – Preparations for the new service lane and excavation for silva cells will continue this week. This includes the preparation of the sub-base in this area of Queens Quay.
  • York Ramp – Final granite work is now complete. This week, crews will focus on final details and finishing elements for this area. Once complete, pedestrians will be shifted to the new sidewalk and the pedestrian diversion will be dismantled.
  • 208/218– Crews will continue setting curbs and installing granite pavers across the 208/218 driveway, prior to the asphalt placement and final road surface restorations. Work will also continue at the northeast corner of Lower Simcoe and Queens Quay.

Harbourfront Centre:  Last week, crews completed 100% of the installation of granite pavers in this area ahead of schedule. This week workers will apply temporary asphalt “transition paths” at each end of the completed granite work.

Lower Simcoe to Rees Parkette: Sub-base preparations are now complete and crews have begun installing granite pavers working west past 228/230 Queens Quay to the Rees Parkette. The sub-base for the second parking layby near the parkette has also been completed, allowing the new granite curbs to be installed.

Rees Street Parking Lot: Crews will continue work on excavation and sub-base preparations before installing granite along the short section of sidewalk west of Rees Street and near the public washroom.

HTO Park East: Sub-base preparations are complete, which includes the maple leaf template pattern. Crews will now begin installing granite pavers in this area.

New Roadway Construction Underway: Crews continue re-building the new roadway on Queens Quay. Last week, crews completed 100% of the excavation for the roadway between York Street and Lower Simcoe Street. This week, the concrete base slab will be formed and poured. Roadway construction will continue alongside work on the TTC corridor.

Kings Landing (460/470/480 Queens Quay) Work: Crews have completed repairs to a collapsed Bell duct bank in this area and temporary road restorations are expected to be complete early this week. Enbridge Gas crews also completed their work in the area. This week, crews will resume work on the remaining manholes in this area.
Streetlight/Traffic Poles: Crews will continue installing pole foundations in and around the Spadina Loop area and will install the new gray coloured TTC poles between York and Simcoe.

Storm Sewer Construction: The catch basin at the northwest corner of Bay and Queens Quay is complete. Crews will continue on the catch basins located on the south side of this intersection (near the 33 Harbour Square parking entrance/exit). Final laterals and catch basin work near EMS were completed last week. This week, remaining catch basins and work associated with two new fire hydrants will be completed in the area east of Rees/Robertson Crescent (on the north side).

For more information, please click here to read the complete notice or visit the project webpage – www.waterfrontoronto.ca/constructingqq