Annabelle Goodman —
A most memorable and outstanding evening. I was ‘over the moon’ to be visiting with my grandson and his adorable wife. They had driven all the way from Chicago and had chosen this amazing restaurant. Every time they come to the city we indulge in Indian food. I told them they had selected the very best
Derek Valleau directs this outstanding establishment with warmth, expertise and love. The place is elegant and the servers are great. Rachel looked after us with such style befitting this superior restaurant.

778 St Clair Ave W – 416 342 1906

You are encouraged to share dishes. That was no problem. The Kale Salad was so tasty and fresh. We liked the addition of dates. The lotus root chips were unusual and delicious. The cashew dressing made it an outstanding salad. Beets and Paneer offered greens, spiced pumpkin seeds, crumbled paneer, pickled beets and a divine chilli-orange vinaigrette.
We shared three mains and ‘oohed and ahed’ our way through every bite. The Stuffed Paneer is the best I have ever eaten. Spinach and mushrooms are stuffed inside a large piece of that wonderful Indian cheese called paneer. It was all nestled on a sauce that words cannot describe. It was a pistachio korma. The sauce was a heavenly puree. The flavor was so great that we were all fighting for the last drop of that perfect sauce. I apologized for the tongue marks on the platter. Okra Fries were amazing. The crispy red chilli crust was tempered with the side dish of raita. The Lamb Lollipops were seasoned with turmeric, mint and a coriander curry. The steamed long grain Basmati Rice was presented in a large mason jar. How novel! A variety of Naan was in the bread basket. The naan is so essential for enjoying the leftover sauces on each platter.
We were so full and satisfied. It was still fun to look at the menu and plan for other dishes on the next visit. I remember the Aloo Ghobi from my last visit. Potato and cauliflower are served with a mélange of spices. Butter Chicken is a necessary item on any Indian food menu. Steak Vindaloo offers grilled 8 oz. AAA Alberta beef striploin. This sets the restaurant apart from other typical Indian food restaurants. All the food is ‘high style’ cuisine. The Sweet Potato Samosas and Vegetable Pakoras are superior to any you may have previously tasted.
The food was truly outstanding. Every bite was savored. The great service and warm greeting added to our pleasurable evening, How fortunate I am. The visit with my dear grandchildren was highlighted with our scrumptious dining.