La Fenice

Annabelle Goodman —

My friend and I had just sat for over 3 hours through a very deep thought provoking film. La Fenice is just across the road from TIFF. We were so happy to arrive to the welcoming atmosphere of this excellent Italian restaurant. We were warmly greeted by Glenn. I think I have followed his career to every restaurant in which he has served. He is a master at it. The restaurant is quiet and the food is always superior. In the summer I have frequented the little patio in front. The menu offers many choices and I have never been disappointed. The restaurant has an elegant look.

318 King St W – 416 585 2377

The warm broschetta was so appreciated and enjoyed. The fresh tomatoes were nicely flavored. It made for a tasty starter. Of course the excellent quality basket of bread and carafes of olive oil and balsamic vinegar were also placed on the table.
Most people seemed to be enjoying an appetizer. The Grigliato Di Gamberi E Calameri is a great way to start an Italian feast. Perfectly grilled shrimp and squid are prepared with extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Funghi Di Bosco Di Sapore D’Erbe will please you with fresh shitake, oyster and Portobello mushrooms sautéed with fresh herbs.
I have often enjoyed one of the Salad selections. Insalate Caprese is a classic Italian salad offering fresh tomatoes and Bocconcini with the addition of fresh basil and that wondrous olive oil. Arugula E Gran Padano is great for lunch or as an appetizer at dinner.
We both opted for the Spaghettini Fradiavolo. The pasta was al dente and the spicy tomato sauce was fresh and tasty. We were asked if we wanted more sauce. Absolutely not. It was perfect as it was. Three giant tiger shrimp were so delicious. They were butter flied and placed on top of the pasta. The presentation was lovely. We were so ready for our glass of wine and that tasty food.
There is a wide selection of Pasta entrees. Over the past years I have enjoyed many of them. Crespelle Al Forno is one of my favorites with ricotta, spinach stuffing and a tasty rose sauce. Pappardelle con Ragu Di Vitello E Funghi Porcini. Wonderful pasta with a veal ragout is a warming winter dish. Risotto choices are listed on the menu.
Grigliato Misto Di Carne will delight those who enjoy marinated grilled quail with lamb chops and Italian sausage. Meat or fish choices are prepared to perfection. Nodini Di Vitello Al Ferri, grilled white milk fed veal chops with an herb rub and prepared with garlic and extra virgin olive oil is so popular. Fegato Con Salvia is for the liver lovers served with braised pearl onions. Trancia Di Salmone has often been my choice. It can be grilled or poached. Something for all tastes.
The Chocolate Orange Hazelnut Torte was a delightful conclusion to a wonderful evening of friendship, film and fine dining.