Portland Slip break in Martin Goodman Trail


Waterfront Toronto, on behalf of the City of Toronto, is preparing for the start of construction to improve the Martin Goodman Trail at the Portland Slip near Dan Leckie Way.  The slip currently narrows into a point, leaving a space that is too narrow for the Martin Goodman Trail to run parallel to the sidewalk. The result is a 60-metre gap in the trail. To solve this, we will build a deck over a portion of the Portland Slip in order to create more space as illustrated in the sketch below.


We anticipate that our contractor – Somerville Construction –  can begin the initial stage of construction on Monday, August 21, 2017.  Please note: Due to the nature of this work, the fluctuating water levels in Lake Ontario and inclement weather conditions could shift timelines as both can impact crew’s ability to complete work that must be done in the water.


When work commences, crews will begin by preparing the site for construction activities including installing fencing and signage throughout the construction zone along with the demolition and removal of materials.

The project team has taken considerable effort to ensure as little disruption as possible to users of the Martin Goodman Trail during day-to-day construction activities. You can however expect brief, intermittent closures of the trail during times when construction materials are being delivered.  During these times the sidewalk will remain open, but will be narrowed slightly (see images below).  Flagmen will be present during these times.  Crews will make every effort to schedule these deliveries outside of rush hour when pedestrian and cycling traffic is lower.  At all times through the construction period, cyclists are asked to respect existing instructions to dismount and walk their bicycle through this gap in the trail.  Upon completion of the deck and newly separated multi-use trail, cyclists will be permitted to remain on their bicycles as elsewhere in the Martin Goodman Trail system. Traffic lanes on Queens Quay will not be impacted.

Crews will operate during normal construction hours between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.  On occasion, some additional work may be required outside of those hours but will not extend past 7 p.m.  Noise impacts will be kept to a minimum.  Construction is scheduled to last approximately 6-8 weeks.

A tree removal permit from the City of Toronto has been issued to remove one existing Silver Maple tree within the immediate construction zone, where the deck is being built.  The tree is being removed to accommodate the new pedestrian route through this area. The tree will be replaced with two new Silver Maple trees at the end of this project.

Waterfront Toronto will issue construction notices for this project on an as needed basis and in advance of any substantial changes from what is indicated here.

If you are not interested in receiving future updates, please email info@waterfrontoronto.ca.

We would greatly appreciate if you would help distribute any notices to your networks as appropriate.


For more information about this work, please email info@waterfrontoronto.ca, or call 416-214-9990.  For urgent construction related issues, please contact Tony Vizzini, Somerville Construction at 416-684-9591 or tony@somervillecc.ca.

Please click here for a PDF version of this notice.

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