The ‘only poll’ to accurately predict Trump win

The controversial, anonymous social platform first went on the record forecasting Trump win in February

President-elect Trump’s victory, predicted on record in February by Zip the question answer app, comes as no surprise to the company behind the platform. From as early as the initial primaries, Zip was the only source on record accurately predicting the emergence and support for Trump’s candidacy (reporting 53% support for Trump in the New Hampshire caucus vs. 47% for Rubio or Cruz as a unit).

In August, Zip made national headlines, including on USA Today and Fox and Friends, by presenting statistically significant data from Zip users, which showed that 64% planned to vote for Trump while only 36% planned to vote for Clinton at that time. The results of the data received from its users have varied throughout the year, but have consistently shown Trump ahead. Zip was the only polling mechanism with statistically accurate data to predict Trump’s eventual victory.

Zip is a neutral, 100% free social platform that allows users to give their opinions on a wide variety of categories of interest from relationships and dating to philosophy and trending news. Developed to answer any and all of life’s subjective questions through anonymously-sourced consensus from users across the country, data quickly emerged showing more support for Trump than reported on any other media, public or news-cited polls as early as January of this year. All questions and the corresponding results on Zip that provided the only basis for the aforementioned predictions were user-generated, allowed for only one answer per user and represented an unbiased cross-section of US residents in all 50 states.

“Seeing the results of this election unfold, there is no question in my mind that Zip was able to predict the outcome when no other poll was able to because of the shortcomings other polls have failed to address,” said Ric Militi, Co-Founder and CEO of San Diego-based Crazy Raccoons: developer of Zip – The Question Answer App.

“When answering questions on Zip, users are protected by anonymity and able to share their opinions free from any repercussion or judgment – much like the protection provided by the ballot box. This anonymity coupled with the user experience that makes Zip users feel they are weighing in on fun questions from peers rather than answering a survey ultimately leads to more organic, honest and accurate results. We are far from shocked by the outcome of this election – and now, as the news and conversation evolves beyond the presidential campaigns we look forward to seeing Zip continue to serve as a predictor and pulse on national opinion for every issue America cares about,” he said.

Zip is the only question-and-answer app of its kind that enables its users to ask the opinions of large audiences in a nonbiased, completely anonymous context. Zip’s proprietary platform allows for interactive 2-way communication between media, brands, public figures and national audiences, makes it perfect for anything from media to business and education.

 With an astronomical level of user engagement and over one million answers coming in each week from cities across all 50 states, in the space of just over one year Zip has become an authority and the source for public opinion in real time. It is available for download on Apple, Android and Windows phones.

About Zip – The Question Answer App

Zip – The Question Answer App, created by San Diego-based technology think tank Crazy Raccoons, LLC, is a unique and fun social app developed to instantly settle friendly squabbles, arguments, debates and opinion-based questions by gathering responses from users quickly and anonymously. More information at