Pizzeria Libretto

By Annabelle Goodman –

221 Ossington Ave.
416 532 8000


The very best pizza! Usually I am making the suggestions when my grandson and I go out to eat. He is always cooperative to my choices. On this occasion he boldly stated that he would love a pizza at Pizzeria Libretto. In fact he likes it so much he had lunch and dinner there on the same day just a week ago.

As soon as I entered the place I knew it was a winner. The wooden tables, the tile floor and the myriad of artistic pictures on the wall called out to me. Notice the array of halogen lights and the restored brick wall. This is a great atmosphere to have lunch or dinner.

Nancy was our charming server and she also seemed to be looking after a lot of other tables. She always had a smile and was very attentive. She never appeared rushed and seemed delighted to answer all our questions.

Enoteca Sociale at 1288 Dundas St West (416 534 1200) is the same owner. Enoteca is one of the outstanding Italian restaurants in town. It can take 3 weeks to get a reservation. Call right now.

Pizzeria Libretto is Neapolitan style. I was amazed to learn that the chefs have to follow specific requirements and train to make this great pizza. It is like nothing I have ever tasted. The thin dough melts in your mouth.

I was surprised at the choice of a Lunch Prix Fixe for $15.00 .My grandson has an enormous appetite and loves great food. It is totally not fair as he is very thin. He demolished the whole basket of fine bread. His appetizer consisted of three fair size pieces of Bruschetta. It is rubbed with garlic and topped with the chef’s daily creations. He upgraded from the Margherita D.O.P Pizza to the Nduja Sausage Pizza with tomato garlic, oregano, basil mozzarella and stracciatella. His dessert was an Espresso- Cinnamon Gelato. All of that for $15.00? It was hard to believe the price and I couldn’t believe how much my grandson ate( exclaiming after every bite) He might have selected  the Arugula Salad or Caprese Salad. He enjoyed those choices on his last visit and assured me that they were superb.

I decided to forgo the three courses as my waistline has been arguing with me lately. It obviously is of greater value to have the combination lunch. I enjoyed my pizza and ate it without guilt. I even had the opportunity to have a spelt crust.

I chose the Grilled Eggplant Pizza with tomato, basil, chili flakes and Ricotta Salata.($14.00) It was large but so flavorful. I enjoyed it all on the spot.

The Verdura offers seasonal local vegetables with goat cheese, black olives and mozzarella.($16.00)

There is a wide assortment of Salumi e Formaggi. All salumi is made in-house and the cheeses are from the Enoteca Cheese Cave.

Chef Rocco Agostino writes on the menu,” Libretto aims to be loyal to what real pizza is. VPN Pizza has a puffy, flame blackened crust with a slight crispness. Our pizza is cooked in less than 90 seconds, at 850 degrees which makes it soft, elastic & slightly wet in the centre.”

The management and the chef are experts at their profession. The place was completely filled at lunch. I am told there is always a long line for dinner. No wonder. It is a gourmet dining experience.