Burger Cellar

By Annabelle Goodman –

3391 Yonge St
647 345 0084


You can’t go enough times to a great place. It was my sister’s birthday. Her favorite food is hamburgers. What could be more delightful than a few ladies out for a gourmet lunch to celebrate a fine occasion?

There is no burger place like this. There are hamburger restaurants all over the city but this is the crème de la crème. It is also a wine bar. The décor is upscale and the service is as if you are dining in the finest gourmet restaurant.

 I remember the first time I came here. Paul looked after the table. I complimented him on the outstanding service and was delighted on this trip to hear that the management has acknowledged his personality and skill and he is now promoted.

Our young server was delightful. It wasn’t easy trying to please all the women at one time. I also compliment the kitchen. All the plates were delivered promptly and the best part is that everyone was pleased. We were placed at the back of the restaurant (as requested) near the wine library. We felt free to laugh and talk and yet we didn’t disturb the other diners.

I immediately ordered several side dishes of those Sweet Potato Frites ($5.00) so we could get started. They certainly disappeared in quick order. Each frite was hot and delicious.

Most of the guests opted for the Classic Burger. They are available in three grades of beef. I think this is a creative way of offering choice. ( AAA Black Angus $8.00; Natural $9.00; Kobe $13.00) There is a choice of sesame or whole wheat bun. All the hamburgers come with tomato, lettuce and dill pickle. Dishes of condiments are placed on the table.

Several guests opted for the Vegetarian Burger.($9.00) It is so delicious. I love the avocado topping. The portions are generous. Sides are tempting. For $1.00 more you can order one of a variety of toppings.(caramelized red onions; wild mushroom ragout; chipotle bbq sauce are just a few of the tasty gourmet additions.)

The Hog Town Burger features the three grades of beef with aged cheddar cheese and apple cider bacon. The Burger Cellar Burger features two year old Bothwell smoked cheddar, apple cider bacon, sautéed mushrooms, chipotle bbq sauce and a beer battered onion ring. This is creativity.

We all enjoyed hamburgers even though other options were available. I keep planning to have the Asian Tuna Salad with fresh grilled ahi tuna, watercress, greens with a sesame rice wine vinaigrette.($15.99) On a former visit my son ordered the Salmon. ($18.00)It is topped with white wine lemon chive butter and served with Yukon Gold roasted garlic mashed potatoes.

I always enjoy the friendly welcoming greeting from the lovely hostess. You are welcome to sit in bar area and enjoy a drink and a snack. Duck Poutine offers braised duck, cheese curds, Burger Cellar gravy with hand cut fries and truffle oil.($11.00) Sweet Chili Chicken is served with chili sauce, sesame seeds and scallions.($8.00) A bowl of French Onion Soup is always welcome.($7.00)

This was an experience. I had such delight watching all the women during this mid day treat enjoying a hamburger with a glass of wine I am not a detective but how would you interpret every plate being left spotless without a crumb?

Alan Voves is the brilliant creative owner. Bravo!