Pig Save activist Krajnc called back to Milton courthouse May 10

After what watchers called a confusing court date in Milton on March 24, activist Anita Krajnc must return to Milton on May 10 for yet another pre-trial.

“We didn’t quite understand the outcome,” one supported reported. “As best as we can say in non-legalese, the Crown said it has no more disclosure to offer other than what they gave us last year (so nothing further to present to the defense). Another pre-trial is set for May 10 to ensure the August trial is on schedule. Attorney James Silver said the list of witnesses and witness reports would be provided then, and any other info to ensure trial dates are held at the end of August as planned (rather than spread out further).”

Krajnc is an organizer with Toronto Pig Save (TPS), formed in December 2010, which holds weekly vigils outside slaughterhouses to show compassion to desperate and frightened pigs, cows and chickens in the last moments of their lives. In the summer, attendees frequently offer water and watermelon to thirsty and dehydrated animals. TPS exposed the number of pigs dying of heatstroke and heart attacks in transport in the video “Dead on Arrival,” available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWJMDd0Flug

On June 22, 2015, Krajnc saw pigs panting and foaming at the mouth inside a sweltering transport truck outside Fearman’s Pork Inc., Ontario’s largest pig slaughterhouse. As the truck idled to make a left turn, she extended her water bottle into the truck. A tense confrontation with the truck driver followed, and the owner of the pig farm filed a police complaint against Anita the next day. In December the Crown announced it intends to proceed by summary conviction on the charge of criminal mischief over $5000, which carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail or a $5000 fine or both.