Our Innate (Inborn) Intelligence

Dr. Jackie Gonzalez —

With all the diseases and illnesses in today’s modern society, it is hard remember how a normal body functions.
What exactly is going on inside our body?’… Our bodies are made up of 75 trillion cells that are performing disputed as some experts say it is much more or that it is completely incalculable because it is too large). This happens without us having to think or do anything at all. Let’s think about that for a second.iStock_000004171786Small As we sit reading this article, our eyes blink, our hearts beat, our lungs take and use oxygen from the air without us having to do anything.
If we were to stand up, our blood pressure automatically adjusts to support us and 200 muscles prepare for us to take one step. We don’t have to think about it!
As we go through the day, our liver performs 500 different functions and our kidneys filter 1liter of blood every second. Our nervous system flashes impulses at 1 football field/SECOND when making a movement, a reaction or a thought.
And that is just scratching the surface of what’s going on inside. We always have a choice on what to focus on-what’s going wrong or what’s going right. And there are a lot of things going right inside our body in every second of our lives.
For many people, there are also many things going wrong and its painful and uncomfortable and frustrating. There are still, in that same body, many things going completely and 100 percent right.
Perhaps shifting our focus to what is still functioning correctly in our bodies on the inside, could ease our pain and frustration for just a moment? The next question is –what is organizing and co-ordinating all these incredible steps that are going on in our body? Until next week