Ontario’s New Year’s taxes will rise in 2014: Canadian Taxpayers Fed’n

Canadian Taxpayers Federation— CTF has crunched the numbers and Ontario taxpayers will keep less of their paycheques after January 1st as EI and Canadian Pension Plan taxes both go up.In its annual New Year’s Tax Changes report, the CTF has calculated that maximum employee EI taxes will go up $23 in 2014 to $914, while the employer’s share of EI payroll tax goes up $31 to $1,279. That means a working couple who each earn at least $48,600 in 2014, will have $4,386 in EI payroll taxes sent to Ottawa on their behalf.

  •       Employment Insurance ‘rate freeze’ means EI taxes to rise $54
  •       CPP taxes going up $140
  •       EI payroll taxes up 28 per cent since 2008

The federal government expects to collect $4.2 billion more in EI taxes in 2014 than they pay out in benefits. Other forecasts peg the EI tax windfall to the government much higher.

“Politicians like Ontario Premier Wynne complain about the lack of revenues for governments, meanwhile, they say nothing about scams like the EI surplus,” said CTF Ontario Director Candice Malcolm.

“If governments wanted to solve and address the CPP shortfall, they should look no further than reforming EI to create an Employment Insurance Savings Account,” said Malcolm.

CPP premiums are also going up. The maximum employee Canada Pension Plan payroll tax rises $70 to $2,426 for employees earning at least $52,500 a year. Employers match employees’ CPP payroll taxes dollar for dollar, pushing the total CPP payroll tax haul to $4,856.

“Premier Wynne continues to call for CPP premium hikes, and seems unaware that premiums are already increasing,” said Malcolm. “In fact, CPP taxes have been steadily rising and grown by almost 50 per cent over the past two decades.”

“Considering Ontario taxpayers are being threatened with higher gas taxes, higher property taxes and ratepayers will be dealing with soaring energy rates, these CPP and EI hikes are a real slap in the face,” continued Malcolm.

“Payroll taxes to the economy are like sharp objects to infants: risky, dangerous, and potentially deadly,” said Malcolm.

You can view the CTF’s calculations for the changes happening on January 1st for 26 different income and family scenarios here: http://www.taxpayer.com/media/2014_New_Years_Tax_Changes_Backgrounder.pdf