Ontario Law Society regulatory proceedings for September

The Law Society of Upper Canada regulates the lawyers and paralegals of Ontario in the public interest. The Law Society ensures that all lawyers and licensed paralegals in Ontario meet standards of learning, professional competence and professional conduct that are appropriate for the legal services provided.

As part of this mandate, the Law Society’s Hearing and Appeal Panels recently heard the following matters. Hearing and Appeal Panels are responsible for determining the appropriate disposition of cases.

Roberto Cucci (1990) of the City of Toronto
Decision: The stay pending appeal is extended to 5:00 pm on October 30, 2013 subject to such further or other order made by the appeal panel or Appeal Management Conference.

Daniel Frank Daly (1987) of the City of Toronto
Decision: The Lawyer is suspended on an interim bases effective as of August 27, 2013 pending final disposition of penalty.

Roderick John Byrnes (1987) de Toronto
Decision : Le permis de l’avocat est revoque. La revocation prendra effet 14 jours apres le 6 septembre 2013. Des que Me Byrnes sera informe de cette decision et ordonnance, il a l’ordre de s’abstenir de representer des clients devant les tribunaux ou d’effectuer du travail juridique, sauf les activites necessaires pour liquider son cabinet. Il a egalement l’ordre de s’abstenir de remettre d’autres factures pour ses services, a moins qu’elles n’aient ete passees en revue et approuvees par le Barreau.

Ron Allan Hatcher (1994) of the City of Toronto
Decision: Further to the Order dated November 15, 2012 costs on the appeal were awarded in favour of the Society in the amount of $15,000.

Matthew Joseal Igbinosun (1998) of the City of Toronto
Decision: The Lawyer’s appeal from the Decision and Order dated October 18, 2012 was dismissed.

Matthew Roland Riddell of the City of Toronto
Decision: His appeal from the Order dated November 20, 2012 is dismissed and he shall pay costs to the Society of $17,500.

Christian Simon Michael Secker (1990) of the City of Mississauga
Decision: The Lawyer is suspended for 4 months, commencing at the end of his current administrative suspensions and continuing indefinitely until specified conditions are met. Between 6 and 12 months after his return to practice the Lawyer shall schedule and complete a spot audit. He must also comply with specified conditions for two years commencing August 28, 2013.

Tariq Tayab Shah (1998) of the City of Mississauga
Decision: Further to orders dated January 23, 2013, the appeal panel ordered that the hearing panel’s costs order against the Lawyer in the amount of $25,000 was set aside. No costs were awarded against the Society respecting the hearing or the appeal.

More information about these matters can be found on the Law Society’s website

Reasons for decisions when provided by the panel are available here: Canadian Legal Information Institute

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