Novelist seeks classic Crystal Beach photos for latest book

Postcard image of the Cyclone, next to the Crystal Ball Room, circa 1930s. Source: Wikipedia.

If you grew up in Toronto in the 70’s and 80’s you may remember the commercials for the Crystal Beach amusement park.

After closing its doors permanently in 1989, the Crystal Beach Ontario amusement park is making a comeback in A. A. Blair’s novel Mystic of the Midway. But the author needs your help: the book is looking for photos of your Crystal Beach vacations to really breathe new life into the park.

The novel is targeted for mid-grade readers (ages 7-11) and rather than featuring illustrations seeks photographs to capture the imagination of its readers.

“We wanted Mystic readers to realize that Crystal Beach was a real amusement park and that would spark interest and inquiry into local history,” Blair explains.

Mystic takes place in two time periods: the late 1960’s and mid 1980’s. Submissions featuring rides like The Pirate, Jolly Roger, Comet, Laff in the Dark and Magic Palace are being sought. Selected photo submissions will receive compensation.

The author goes on to explain the unique strategy. “We felt that by opening the submission call to the public it would yield unique finds and give previous park goers a chance to breathe new life to their memories of Crystal Beach.”

The novel is scheduled to be published by WEE, Writers-Exchange E-Publishing. Submissions are requested in a digital format (JPEG, PNG, TIFF) to Other arrangements can be made by contacting the same email address. A follow up release will be issued identifying the selected photos and contributors.


About Mystic of the Midway:

After a horrible accident Effie is left changed forever.

Effie and her family speed away to their summer cottage to escape the tests and doctors’ appointments. The promise of a relaxing family getaway is short lived when Effie stumbles across a mystery that threatens to destroy her family.

Effie enlists the aide of her detective brother, Jimmy, along with her long time Crystal Beach friends Lydia and her mischievous little brother Sniff. As their investigation deepens Effie begins see and hear things that couldn’t be real.

Effie struggles to overcome self-doubt and the realization that her idyllic vacation spot isn’t what it seems to be. Trying not to lose faith, Effie embraces her new abilities hoping the whispers and signs will lead her and her friends to the answers they need to save her family from breaking apart.

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