New infrastructure for George Brown College

Canadians will be better equipped for the well-paying middle-class jobs of today and tomorrow as a result of a $15.61M investment in George Brown College.

George Brown College

George Brown College

This joint federal-provincial investment was announced Jan. 23, 2017 by Adam Vaughan, Member of Parliament for Spadina-Fort York, on behalf of the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, and by Han Dong, Member of Provincial Parliament for Trinity-Spadina.

The Government of Canada’s Innovation Agenda, along with Ontario’s continued investment in public infrastructure, the largest in the Province’s history, aims to make this country a global centre for innovation—one that creates jobs, drives growth across all industries and improves the lives of all Canadians. This investment is a prime example of that vision in action.

The funding will support the Innovation Exchange, which will house training programs and research facilities at George Brown College that develop, incubate and commercialize the products and services that respond to the demands of digital disruption on the economy. Of the $59.23M investment, $15.61M will come from the federal government and George Brown College will contribute an additional $43M.

The funding from the Government of Canada is being allocated through the Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund, which will enhance and modernize research facilities on Canadian campuses and improve the environmental sustainability of these facilities.

As a result of these investments, students, professors and researchers will work in state-of-the-art facilities that advance the country’s best research. They will collaborate in specially designed spaces that support lifelong learning and skills training. They will work in close proximity with partners to turn discoveries into products or services. In the process, they will train for—and invent—the high-value jobs of the future. And their discoveries will plant the seeds for the next generation of innovators.

That is how the Strategic Investment Fund will jump-start a virtuous circle of innovation, creating the right conditions for long-term growth that will yield benefits for generations to come.

Ontario is making the largest investment in public infrastructure in the province’s history—about $160 billion over 12 years—which is supporting 110,000 jobs every year across the province with projects such as hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and transit. Since 2015, the Province has announced support for more than 475 projects that will keep people and goods moving, connect communities and improve quality of life. To learn more about infrastructure projects in your community, go to

“George Brown College broke new ground when it established a waterfront campus. Today, with help from the federal government, the College is breaking new ground again with an innovative new centre of excellence and once again Toronto’s waterfront is the smart choice.”

– Adam Vaughan, Member of Parliament for Spadina-Fort York

“This once-in-a-generation investment by the Government of Canada is a historic down payment on the government’s vision to position Canada as a global centre for innovation. That means making Canada a world leader in turning ideas into solutions, science into technologies, skills into jobs and start-up companies into global successes. This investment will create conditions that are conducive to innovation and long-term growth, which will in turn keep the Canadian economy globally competitive.”

– The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

“Encouraging scientific awareness in Toronto and across Canada depends on supporting our world-class scientists and researchers. Through investments such as those under the Strategic Investment Fund, we are continuing to lay the groundwork for making Canada a global leader in scientific excellence.”

– The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science

‎”This new funding is great news for George Brown College and its students. George Brown has been an incredible institution for the city of Toronto. This funding, along with Ontario’s continued investments in post-secondary education, will help equip Ontarians with the skills they’ll need to meet the labour demands of our changing economy”

– Han Dong, Member of Provincial Parliament for Trinity-Spadina

“This investment demonstrates the federal government’s commitment to support research and innovation, and recognition of the importance of colleges in improving innovation literacy and strengthening the economy. This support will enable us to extend our track record of creating intersections with industry to provide our students with the skills the labour market demands.”

– Anne Sado, President, George Brown College