‘Destroy Jews’—imam at victimized Montreal mosque

The Canadian Investigative Journal (CIJnews.com) reports that on at least two occasions in 2014, an imam at Montreal’s Al-Andalus Islamic

Montreal mosque

Racist Imam promotes murders of Jews.

Centre, Sayyed al-Ghitaoui, called for the destruction of Jews. In his sermons, al-Ghitaoui implored Allah to “destroy the accursed Jews”,  to “kill them one by one” and to “make their children orphans and their women widows”. In response, Rabbi Reuben Poupko, Co-Chair of CIJA-Québec, issued the following:

“We condemn these explicit calls for the death of Jews in the strongest possible terms. Such hateful, violent rhetoric has no place in our democracy or in any religion. We have brought this to the attention of the police and are in the process of filing a formal complaint, as we believe these declarations may be a violation of the Criminal Code.

“We urge government and civil society leaders of all faiths to join us in condemning these comments as abhorrent and unacceptable.”