Many Tank thanks to you all for asking about me

 Tank Touby —

I wish to thank everyone who was worried about me and who called both Toronto Animal Services and my new home. I was lonely and confused at first but I am okay now.

I miss Danny and probably always will but I am very happy in my new home with my new sister, Daisy.

Many Tank thanks for all who have been concerned about me!

Many Tank thanks for all who have been concerned about me!

I have been on a diet but was just weighed at Sherbourne Animal Hospital, where I have an account thanks to Danny, who paid upfront for me. It seems I have gained two pounds, darn it!

It’s the little extras, I guess.

Frank and Paulette Touby have fed me really well with good quality kibble and vitamins and minerals, but they keep me away from treats I used to get lying beside Danny when he sold those street newspapers in front of the LCBO on Front Street. I think it was those treats that put the jiggle between my muscles and my skin. A lot of the time they consisted of white bread and nobody should ever eat that. I couldn’t resist; but after all, I’m a dog. (How do you like my use of a semicolon?)

What’s good about my condition even though I’m no lighter is that I’m getting tighter. My skin doesn’t jiggle like it did a month ago. I did get some treats at the vet’s but in the park later there were some very generous girls who really got my attention and I think I overindulged. But I’ll try to limit my intake. (Yeah, sure!)

I want to shout out especially to Pet Cuisine & Accessories on Front Street for offering to bathe me every month and looking after other matters pertaining to my “toilette.” Also a special shout out to Leila Batten at Whitehouse Meats in St. Lawrence Market for the goodies she sent home for me.

Recently I received a call from Practica Ltd. of Cambridge, Ont., who read about me in the Toronto Star and send 1000 poop bags just out of the goodness of their hearts. They had no idea I’d mention them. Nice bags, too. Easy to separate, according to Paulette. And they’re biodegradable. Just like their contents!

I will use them in good health. (Actually Paulette and Frank will use them for the good health of the Front & Sherbourne dog park and those who use it for other things than walking and playing with their dogs.)

I’m supposed to say to you when you see me, please don’t offer me a dog treat. Frank and Paulette asked me to say that.

But who are they kidding?

Just please try to keep them healthy treats. Pet Cuisine knows what’s good for me. Ask Phillip or Chris. Or anyone who works there.

Also, my Tank-you to Kevin Scrimshaw who has thought about me all the time and who eased me back into the world after dear Danny passed on by letting me stay with him and his two dogs, especially Monty, my best pal even though he’s a basset hound and is really selfish when he has a stick. I try to get Monty to share his stick, but he just clamps tighter and growls and yanks me around until he gets the stick all to himself.

Then he waves it in my face and dares me to take if from him. I think Monty gets his kicks trying to keep his stick to himself. But I sure like the lug. I see him in the park most days.

Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart!

Sincerely, Tank Touby