Letter to the Editor: Missing mailed delivery of The Bulletin

I was enjoying receiving The Bulletin newspaper delivered to my condo mailbox; however, it has been “quite” some time since I received delivery.  My mailbox does not have any  message which reads, “no flyers” or any other message whatsoever.

For a while I was thinking The Bulletin was no longer published until I came upon a copy of the February 2016 paper at Tim Horton’s on lower Jarvis Street and recently the March 2016 edition at No Frills on Front St East.

Should I expect to receive monthly delivery of The Bulletin mailed to [my condo address] or has that stopped?

I [will continue to pick up the paper] until such time that home delivery to M5B addresses can be reinstated.  Here’s to hoping to sooner rather than later.

You have a great newspaper and I am definitely not the only one who thinks that.  Please keep up the great work and I wish you only success in the future.

—Don R.