On Moise’s column about the Orlando massacre

Hello Mr. [Chris] Moise,

I am surprised by your comment about the shooter who massacred all those people. For someone who claims to understand diversity, you seem quite unknowledgeable about the large Muslim population who live amongst us.

You claim he’s homophobic. Meanwhile there is evidence that he has had gay experiences, much like the Muslim mass murderer in Nice, France. Their killings are in compliance to their faith, yet you don’t even mention they are Muslim. It concerns me that a representative in our civic government is so poorly versed. Those two men both engaged in homosexuality. There is also evidence that they were not very good Muslims in other ways. They drank alcohol and may even have eaten pork on a semi-regular basis.

The fact that they are not observant Muslims are precisely why they killed those people. The Quran teaches that you are accepted into heaven based on Allah’s determination of your good deeds versus your sins. These men had no chance to go to heaven. So what is their option at this point? The Quran gives them one. It says that if they kill the infidel, all their sins are forgiven and they gain automatic entrance into Allah’s heaven.

So you see Mr. Moise, they kill to assure themselves a place in heaven. So the only Muslims who will likely not kill are those who are so observant that they have no fear of hell.

How many Muslims do you think fall into the “I’m not 100% sure I’m going to heaven camp”?

I’d say quite a lot. And the percentage of the Canadian population that is Muslim is growing every day. So I would suggest you educate yourself on their faith.

Ken kfj1317@gmail.com