Letter: L Tower and Trump Tower sites need to be cleaned up

I picked up my April edition of The Bulletin at No Frill’s on Front St. E. earlier this afternoon.  Again, another great read with interesting stories.

I meet with a friend every month at Tim Horton’s in George Brown College and we enjoy discussing city topics.  Two city topics we continue to discuss (now it has become a joke among us) are, when will the crane at the L Tower (Yonge and The Esplanade area) come down and the surrounding area be cleaned up and completed and what is the reason for the scaffolding in front of the Trump Tower on the south east corner of Bay and Adelaide Street West; I don’t see any work going on at that location.  Both the crane and the scaffolding have been in place for a very very long time.  I have heard pedestrians comment while waiting for the traffic light to change in front of the Trump Tower. Incredible!  People do notice things!

Thanks for another great addition of The Bulletin

–Don Ruttan