Letter: City police seem immune… on John Sewell’s April 2016 column

City police immune from any responsibility!

Sadly, for last 37 years of my living in Toronto, I have been observing deterioration of police department of Toronto. It’s became state by itself! Completely unprofessional, overpaid, it’s sucking last blood out Toronto taxpayers!

Consider the facts: last 4 officers died on line of duty–one was thrown out the windshield, because he was not buckled, two tried to stop the stolen track with their bodies!  They shoot mentally inadequate people (the guy in streetcar with pocket knife…).

Hadn’t they knew that is a switch outside , which they could use to lock him and wait for another regiment of lame cops! What about the tasers (another million dollars), night sticks, telescopic metal billy clubs, pepper spray, for God sake!

Thanks God, Toronto doesn’t have criminal climate that require so many policemen, and bored out of their mind they are! One can see two or tree police cars at any fender bender! When last time you heard of armed bank robbery? In 1970’s and it was always done by crews from Montreal…

And 75% of them make $100,000!

It’s time to do something about this “sacred cow”!  Does anybody has noticed that all files about Rob Ford misbehavior had hit the press, when he asked police department to cut it budget 10%?! And where else on face of this Earth policemen can be “punished” with staying home on full salary!  “Thanx for a 3 yrs. vacation” said one of them!

Are we third world country? Or just bunch of suckers! Cut them in a half, and start the salaries much lower and if they “cross the line”- hit them in the pocket!

Enough is enough!

–An angry citizen from Sydenham St.