Jamii hosts Multicultural Day event June 27

Jamii’s Patchwork Village exhibit has been migrating over the past month and a half to various areas of the park and is now in its final formation by Sherbourne and The Esplanade in a unifying circular shape.

Jamii will be celebrating Canada’s Multicultural Day around this exhibit on Monday June 27 from 5 to 8 p. m.

The subjects of the Patchwork Village photo project have also been invited to attend. The event will include a panel discussion around the diversity of The Esplanade community from indigenous land until today followed by live painting, music, dancing and storytelling. Jamii hopes it to be a grand communal gathering and celebration of who we all are (individually and within our mosaic of a community).

The event will also have a potluck picnic table with culturally diverse food: participants are asked to bring something to share with your neighbours. While no specific quantity of food is expected for the potluck, organizers hope for enough for people to sample, share and discuss with others.

For more information, contact project coordinator Zoie Browne or visit www.jamiiesplanade.org.