Letter: On the glamour contest that was the US election

I feel propagation of opinions like yours have put us in this frightening position. I trust you have not degraded the recent appointments to mere differences of opinion! But to look at the Clinton – Trump comparison where you somehow equate her record with his preposterous collection of rhetoric and lies. How can you equate allegations by 4 women against a spouse to 12 or more allegations of women willing to go to court and supported by statements which are time consistent and confirmed by recorded bragging of the accused nominee himself? Or unproved allegations against an organization which has channeled so much support into important endeavours world wide with a organization which has been used to make donations credited as personal charity donations or to buy a personal painting? How do you ignore the 300 plus absolute lies in his public speeches over the past 18 months? I’ll stop now but I’m really afraid that this whitelash has put US democracy in real danger. When the republicans had the chance they made the house almost impervious to change. Will they now install vote suppression laws, remove more laws governing campaign contributions and establish a big money autocracy. What’s next- internment camps and gas chambers? We are no better than Germany before the holocaust. They were led down the garden path by bombastic speeches and appeals to persecuting all the others who have made our lives miserable.

The Clinton’s nor the democrat party are perfect but to pretend the two candidates are equal is unpardonable!

Look back: Gore won the popular vote. But a Republican Supreme Court stepped in and let this unrepresentative electoral college win. We can only dream of a world without the Iraq war and with climate change already moving backwards. What will we dream of in 4 years? If we had had a truly representative government and a fair Unrepressed vote? Maybe a none FBI interference vote would have given the democrats enough power to fix the health care system. If the rich had been taxed maybe inequality could have been reduced and their taxes been used on jobs and infrastructure. Maybe the Paris agreement could actually have started on saving the world? This which piece of dirt excuse does not work! A bit of research and common sense untarnished by interminably repeated lies and bullying has to come to a decision against racism,misogyny and other divisive, demeaning planks of the Trump campaign.

A very concerned Canadian/American,

—K. Carter