Hudak speaks to Wynne(r)

Touts creating jobs while spending less to do so

By Tim Hudak –

The Wynne(r)

The Wynne(r)

On behalf of my colleagues in the Ontario PC Caucus, I want to extend my sincere congratulations to Kathleen Wynne who will become our 25th Premier, following her election today to the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party.

Ms. Wynne inherits, and must now confront, many urgent challenges in her new role. Our province has lost precious time – more than 14 months since the last election. The Legislature was shuttered by prorogation, and government ground to a halt as successors to the outgoing Premier focused exclusively on internal Liberal Party politics. The deep fiscal hole they have dug has grown deeper still, and the business of the people remains neglected.

During this time our debt has continued to mount as government spending climbed ever higher, to now-unsustainable levels that have only worsened a climate for creating jobs. In short, we have reached a tipping point, and people now fear that the province they live in can no longer provide the future they hoped for. We must change course.

Better days can still be ahead for Ontario, but only if we make difficult and necessary decisions to get our fiscal house in order and enable job creation – and make them now.

Come Monday, I will be in my office and looking forward to a meeting with Premier Wynne. More importantly, I will be hoping to see that the Premier understands what must be done on creating jobs and reducing spending, and has a clear plan to do it. A good first step to demonstrating a willingness to take action would be to recall the Legislature immediately.

I know the people of this province share my sense of urgency. The next few days will tell us if our new Premier does too.