hub14 connects with partners to offer videodance masterclasses

hub14 is thrilled to be partnering with Chrysanthi, an artist, curator and the artistic director of Athens Video Dance Project, as well a programmer working largely in Berlin and throughout Europe to host two videodance workshops!

VIDEODANCE MASTERCLASSES 1+2 with Chrysanthi Badeka

In the ever-changing world of new media, the need to explore different forms of communication is constantly intensifying, since the creators are looking for new expressive ways to tell their stories. During the last years, they have invaded the artistic scene, by introducing new possibilities, creating multilevel means of expression and solid braces for innovative ideas. Videodance or screendance/digital dance/dance on screen/dance for the camera, however we name it, was and still is a way out for the artists of 21st century. Videodance is a new, complex art form. It is an hybrid that was developed, supported and became independent. A birth that, while initially was communicating the deep relationship between dance and the moving image, later, in combination with the rapid technological evolution and the merge of generations, it provided a platform for new expressive possibilities.

Each 6-hour-masterclass will provide a well-structured unit of information combining the theory with the practice. For videodance practitioners it is totally recommended to attend both days. However, each masterclass is an independent experience.

During Framing the motion/masterclass.1 we’ll explore subjects such as: basic cinematographic principles with hand-held cameras in motion, filming in difference, framing the moving body, meeting points between the choreographer and the filmmaker, 60sec videodance, best practices in visualisation, preproduction & shooting.

During The editor as a choreographer/masterclass.2 we’ll explore new possibilities of re-conceiving an idea through editing. After a short introduction in editing programs, all the participants we’ll work on a prerecorded footage in order to re-create their own Found Choreography*. *Found Choreography: the dance version of found footage

VIDEODANCE masterclass.1: Framing the motion

July 30th: 10am-1pm break 2pm – 5pm AT HUB14

$75 (6 hours)

Participants need to bring casual or dance clothes and any kind of their personal cameras (DSLR, Camcorder, iPhones, Smartphones etc. )

Please don’t forget to bring chargers and empty memory space.

All ages and backgrounds are welcome!

Videodance Sreenings / AVDP in Community

(for July 30th @7, free entrance)

VIDEODANCE masterclass.2: The editor as a choreographer

July 31st: 10am-1pm break 2pm – 5pm AT HUB14

$75 (6 hours)

Participants need to bring their laptops with installed trials of Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro. However, a shared laptop will be provided to those who don’t have either a laptop or the program, but they are interested to attend the masterclass.

Open to all ages and backgrounds.

$75/day July 30th and 31st SIGN UP HERE