Homeless memorial hits 500 names

TWRC report

Homelessness worsens every day in Toronto and across Canada. There isn’t enough affordable housing, and waiting lists continue to grow. SCPI programs are at risk across the country. And people are dying on the streets every week.

Tomorrow’s Homeless Memorial Vigil will see the addition of the 500th name of people who have lived on the streets of Toronto and died as a direct result of homelessness.

Tuesday, Nov 14th
12 noon
Church of the Holy Trinity, next to the Eaton Centre

“When I helped start the Memorial in October 2000, I never imagined that slightly more than six years later our small list of initial names would grow to such a large number,” says Tanya Gulliver, Coordinator at the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee. “It astounds me that although homelessness continues to worsen at an alarming rate in this city there was such a lack of debate on the issue during the recent election campaign.”