Snuffing out vaping is counterproductive

The Canadian Constitution Foundation’s just-released report Vaping and the Law surveys and compares vaping legislation from across Canada. Unless you’re a smoker or former-smoker, you may not know what vaping is. E-cigarettes are battery-operated, ele ctronic devices that heat a ...

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Statistics Canada 2017 health-measures survey

Approximately 500 households are being randomly selected to participate in the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS), a national survey conducted by Statistics Canada. In Toronto West, the survey began Feb. 14, 2017. Two-phase survey The first phase involves an in-home interview ...

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Ontario Invests in community grants for seniors

The Province of Ontario is investing in grants for not-for-profit community organizations that offer programs for seniors. Funding is split into two streams, with unincorporated non-profits eligible for up to $3,000, and incorporated not-for-profit community groups eligible for up to ...

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5 lesser-known foods to add to your diet

Top raw foods chef and author of Sweetly Raw Desserts, Heather Pace, shares nutrient-rich food ingredients for improving overall health and well-being. March 1st, 2017 marks the beginning of National Nutrition Month, an over 30-year-old campaign designed to focus on bettering ...

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More hospitals or more vitamins?

An acquaintance of mine in his late 70s recently told a group that he had just been hospitalized with pneumonia for five days. The local hospital system, he said, was completely gridlocked, jammed to the rafters with people like him. ...

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