Harper wants to sneak selling out Canada past us

He’s likely to be preparing to sneak in another great deal for rich investors and big business that’s bad for the rest of us

By Emma Pullman –

sneaky-harperOn Friday Dec. 14 at 5pm, Prime Minister Harper quietly approved the controversial takeover of Canadian oil giant Nexen by China’s state-owned National Offshore Oil Corporation, CNOOC — hoping to draw as little attention to it as possible.

And in less than a week, he could do the same and pass the secretive and extreme Canada-China FIPA at the last cabinet meeting before the holidays, when everyone is focused on family and travel.

Harper keeps telling us that this deal will be good for Canadian business owners and investors, and that Canadian business owners and investors want this deal. But we know a secret that could ultimately stop this bad deal in its tracks — there are thousands of business owners all over Canada who are against this deal. With days to go before FIPA could pass, if we can show Harper that his traditional base and the people that make the Canadian economy work are actually against this deal, he’ll be given no choice but to stop this deal for good.

Are you a business owner? Sign our open letter from business leaders against the extreme and secretive Canada-China FIPA. We’ll hand-deliver the letter before Thursday’s cabinet meeting.

Not a business owner? If you know one, forward this article to them.

We’re targeting businesses and business owners in particular because investment protection acts like FIPA are designed specifically to help business, not hurt it. But under this FIPA, the cards are stacked against Canadian businesses. By exposing the dangers for Canadian business, and shutting the door on Harper’s sales pitch that FIPA is good for business, we could stop the deal for good.

Can you help us show Harper that hundreds of business leaders from coast to coast to coast are against this deal to help stop FIPA in its tracks?

If you own a business, click here to sign our open letter against the extreme and secretive Canada-China FIPA.

And please forward this email to any business owners you know!

If we show Harper that those people who make the Canadian economy run — small business owners, people like you, or your neighbours and community — we can show Harper that he can’t sneak this bill by us like he did the Nexen takeover.

Legal experts are saying that the FIPA deal won’t protect Canadian investors from discriminatory treatment in China, and that on market access, investor protection, and leveling of the playing field the treaty favours China. FIPA’s liabilities and constraints are much greater for Canada.

FIPA’s heavy constraints on Canada will last for 31 years and will hurt Canadian business, yet the government has limited Canadian business owners with little notice or opportunity for scrutiny and debate. For a detailed look at exactly why the secretive and extreme Canada-China FIPA will hurt Canadian business, check out Gus Van Harten’s piece in the Tyee.