Grits, Tories won’t end Senate House-of-Lards corruption


McQuaig and Mulcair

Linda McQuaig, NDP candidate in Toronto Centre by-election, slams Liberals and Conservatives for joining forces to defeat an NDP motion to end partisan corruption in the Senate.

“This is the same old Liberal party that takes Canadians for granted and refuses to end the corruption in Ottawa,” said McQuaig. “Canadians are tired of scandals in Ottawa.”

The NDP motion would have immediately ended the use of Senate by Liberals and Conservatives as an extension of their party organizations. It would have stopped Senators from doing partisan activities on public money. It reads:

That, in the opinion of this House, urgent steps must be taken to improve accountability in the Senate, and, therefore, this House calls for the introduction of immediate measures to end Senators’ partisan activities‎, including participation in Caucus meetings, and to limit Senators’ travel allowances to those activities clearly and directly related to Parliamentary business.

“For too long people in Toronto Centre have been forced to choose between Liberal and Conservative corruption,” says McQuaig. “But in this by-election, there is another choice. Toronto Centre voters can count me and our NDP team to clean up the corruption in Ottawa.”

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