5 incredible graduation-party ideas

Graduation day is one of the most important milestones in the lives of students; it blends end as well as beginning of two crucial phases in their careers; and also, it adds a new feather in their academic cap. This triple delight—so to speak—certainly makes it a day to celebrate, enjoy and cherish. This is also a moment of mixed feelings where these fresh graduates are equally nostalgic and excited for their bright future. They finally bid each other adieu to find new pastures of growth and opportunities.

If you are planning the grad-party this year, you surely want to make it both stylish and special. Therefore, it becomes really important to do your homework if you really to create momentous occasion. As a matter of fact, for organizing any kind of event successfully from beginning to end, you need to tick every box. However, before embarking on this mission, you shouldn’t get too carried away with the glitz and glam of the party, for you have to keep a close watch on your expenses.

Here are some highly effective tips for organizing the best graduation party:

  1. Choose an awesome venue

For selecting the party venue, you have generally two options – home or an outdoor location. If you are tight on budget, you can go for a home party, but make sure that you can accommodate your guests with plenty of seating. You can make good use of space around your house like garden, backyard and roof. For that it is essential you order the tables, chairs and tent, but only according to the number of guests. You should have enough indoor space for food setup so that the guests won’t have problems loading their plates.

If you choose the venue somewhere else, you will get help from the support staff in many areas like cooking, setting up, cleaning up and provide seating. Before deciding the place, you need to consider some key factors like accessibility, connectivity, centrality, and that can fill all your guests comfortably. Make sure that the venue is properly ventilated with plenty of natural light in order to uplift everyone’s mood. To cut extra expenses, you need to opt for services that are most cost effective.

  1. Send invitations

Prepare your guest list first before sending out invitations to them. Figure out how many people would be more than enough to be invited and find ways how to invite them. There should be at least two weeks gap between sending invitations and the event. After creating the guest list, you can choose between the printed invitations or social media invites such as Facebook. It would be nice idea to send personalized invitations to people who you definitely want to be there. Also, in order to avoid too many unwelcomed guests, it is important to make your social media invites private. Make sure you celebration date doesn’t coincide with graduation ceremony day.

  1. Include delectable foods and drinks

Foods and beverages are perhaps the most necessary elements of any party, without which enjoyment is just incomplete. While choosing the menu, it is extremely important to include items that will appeal to the greatest amount of people. Try to figure out which type of food is generally served in such parties, for example, hamburgers, hotdogs, snacks, chipos and pizzas are most common ones. If the venue is chosen at home, you can prepare foods that are easily cooked and are tasty as well. As for drinks and beverages, mocktails, cocktails, beer, wines and champagnes go nicely for celebrations like this. Finally, you should also include various delicious desserts so that each and every guest will be completely satisfied. The most widely accepted choice for dessert is a graduation cake.

  1. Decorations

This is where you can use your creativity in order to decorate the venue that you have chosen. There are various items and party props that can completely transform the environment of the venue. Balloons are the most used decorative items for any event, while photo walls are the new rage these days. Other than these you can thoroughly make use of centrepieces, tablecloths, wallpapers, fun stickers etc. You can decorate the surroundings with graduate school’s colours, memorabilia, and sorority or fraternity symbols. You can create a timeline of class photos of graduates to hang up at the party. Apart from that, there are many decorative items that are found in supermarket shelves, or you can also use DIY objects.

  1. Entertainment options

A party without fun and entertainment is lifeless; so while planning one, it is important to be clear about attendee demographics. Some guests will be present there for just a brief amount of time while others will stay for longer. For the ones who are going to stay, make sure you have activities planned for their entertainment. Thus, among many such activities, volleyball is easy and inexpensive and the guests will surely love it. If the expenses permit, hiring a DJ will be a fantastic choice. The fresh graduates will enjoy the opportunity to dance to their favorite songs played by a DJ or band.


Graduation marks an important day of achievement, there are many more such special moments coming in the way of grads. But for right now, make this day a really memorable event that will be remembered for a long time to come.

— Emma Olivia