Grade 7-8 students looking for community placement

The staff and parents of City View Alternative School are planning the annual Community Service Week work placements.

The students are looking for work places that serve the community or have a social component. Food banks, day cares, arts groups, politicians’ and charities’ offices etc have all been used in the past.

A small group (preferably 3 or more, but not less that two) would be available to help, and gain an insight into how organizations work with communities or on particular issues.

Community Service Week runs from April 16 to 19, week day times only. Ideally students would select two different two-day placements during the week but there is flexibility. The students are Grades 7 and 8, generally very socially aware, like a challenge and really want to be of use.

If you think you might be interested in providing this experience and getting some help, please contact me at this address or phone 416 203 0780