After 30 years we get our chance at city hall

Thirty years ago…yes, 30 years ago…Harbourfront gave the City of Toronto all the land at Eireann Quay and Bathurst Quay for parkland.Bathurst Quay park

What happened? Construction vehicles used it for making the tunnel and airport expansions, cars whiz down the road trying to make their flights on time…and when a plane comes in? Gridlock. It’s not safe, and it’s not used as gifted, for parkland.Bathurst Quay park

The 10-year budget is being discussed at city hall now and we have an opportunity to say that we want this long-awaited park planted now, we want a real park at the bottom of Bathurst Street, no more wasteland. And let’s do it now!Bathurst Quay park

Here’s how. Come to the meeting to show support for this initiative. It’s kind of hard to call it an initiative, when it was deemed parkland 30 years ago.We have recently had success in protecting the area against development, when our councillor agreed to take out “Mixed-Use” from the last plan presented. Whether it was put in by city planners as an accident or not, it’s important that the new plan gets approved with no mixed use labelling at all, preventing high rises from springing up suddenly and resident’s left to wonder how it happened.

The first step is getting our park. Now, it’s time to get city hall to take action. With parking underground, we can have all land as parkland in the area south of Queen’s Quay with a solution that will cost the taxpayers nothing (instead of billions for a rail deck north of Queen’s Quay.)

Let’s plant the seed for something beneficial for all. When you attend Tuesday, we can get it planted firmly in the upcoming budget. We want our park now, in the 10 Year Budget, we don’t want to wait another 10 years. Who knows what threats are lurking if we wait longer?

Join the PARKSnotcondos group at 5:30pm at City Hall, 100 Queen Street W., we’ll be outside Committee Room #1 and will wait for you, just let us know you are coming.

We are reasonable and we believe the committee will see that. Plus, we truly appreciate the opportunity to show the budget committee how simple this really is. Your support is very much appreciated and the value of your presence on Tuesday will certainly convince our elected officials that community rallies together, and make progress with City Hall.

— Irene Pohjola for the team at  ParksNOTcondos

PS: We’ll be gathering at 5:30pm outside Committee Room #1 at city hall (100 Queen Street West). Join us there on Tuesday, Jan. 10/17, 5:30pm, and let us know that you are coming. It’s going to be a progressive and happy New Year with the current land around Eireann Quay put back to parkland. We can do this!Website: