Epson WF-4740 printer does it all (and on a budget)

Compared to laser jet printers, ink jet printers have often gotten a bad reputation; mainly because their ink cartridges can’t keep up with the high-volume print jobs demanded by business.

The new Epson WF-4740 wireless all-in-one (printer/copier/scanner/fax) ink jet printer aims to end this bad rep, by offering high-volume, high-quality colour printing for business for just $299.99.

Its capabilities include high-capacity 802XL ink cartridges (2,600 pages for black; 1,900 pages per colour); print speeds of 24 pages per minute (ppm) single-sided for black ink, and 22 ppm for colour; and two paper trays that can hold 500 sheets of paper between them.

The WF-4740 can copy up to 50 pages at a time, do one- and two-side printing, and has the ability to connect source devices via Wi-Fi, cabled Ethernet, and NFC (Near Field Communication); allowing you to print documents directly from your smartphone.

The Epson WF-4740 is easily controlled via its 4.3″ colour touchscreen.

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  1. It utilizes a couple of stepper engines to propel the paper, and additionally a third to position the marker to be stamped. A servo engine pushes the marker down as required, delivering a print that, as observed at 5:15 in the video underneath, is precise and beautifully tessellated.

  2. i want to buy a printer which should be in an affordable range but there are so many option that am confused which should buy. in this blog it is very less information is given kindly add some more information about this printer.

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