‘Energy East Pipeline good for jobs, nation-building’

“The Ontario Building Trades are pleased to see movement in the regulatory process as we move towards approval of the Energy East Pipeline Project,” said Patrick Dillon, Business Manager of the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario, adding that “if approved, this project will enhance Canada’s energy connectivity between east and west, culminating in the creation of thousands of jobs, less dependence on foreign oil, and a stronger Canada.”

Today’s submission of TransCanada’s Project Description to the National Energy Board brings this project one step closer to commencement. “The Ontario Building Trades are eager to develop partnerships with Aboriginals, environmental groups, and local communities through which this 4,600km pipeline will pass, with a view to objectively understand the full scope of the project, and to secure job opportunities for people, with a particular interest in the 16% unemployed Ontario youth,” announced Dillon.PIpeline-construction-workers-FI

The bulk of the work will be to convert 3,000km of an existing natural gas pipeline into an oil pipeline, while the newly-built section of the pipeline will be 1,600km long. Intermittent throughout the length of the pipeline will be four tank farms, and 71 pumping stations (including 30 in Ontario), with an estimated value of $30-50 million each.

The Energy East Pipeline is expected to be fully operational by 2018 and will transport 1.1 million barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta to Eastern Canada. “Building the infrastructure necessary to support this project will open up tremendous employment opportunities for construction workers, including apprentices. We look forward to the upcoming community Town Halls where we will seek ways of bringing these opportunities to Ontarians.”