Committee seeks home for refugee family

Bob Neighbour—

Readers of The Bulletin and St. James parishioners who raised money to bring Syrian refugees to Toronto have a brand new problem. Where are they going to put them?

Local volunteers have raised over $100,000 to sponsor two families. They expect the first family in the spring but have nowhere to house them.

“We’re so grateful to everyone for all the donations flooding in,” says Margaret Magee, fund-raising chair. “But we’re getting a little desperate to find even a temporary place for them to move into.”

The volunteers have already collected clothing and furniture for a refugee family. But housing is tight in the GTA as everyone knows, so finding some kind of accommodation before the family arrives at Pearson is now urgent.

“A place to sleep comes first,” says Magee. “Especially for the little ones. I’m praying there is a local angel who has a place we can rent for a family of four or five.”

The Cathedral Community Refugee Response team can be contacted at or (416) 364-7865, ext. *801