Choose a career where you don’t dread Mondays!

Sandra Dawes—

Go to school, get an education, get a job, and become successful. That’s what many of us have been told is the formula to living a happy, fulfilled life (though I guess I should throw getting married and having kids in there somewhere). For some of us, this hasn’t worked out to be the path to happiness we thought it would be.

For one, after graduation there’s that student debt that many of us have to repay. It makes it challenging to be patient in finding the “right job” when we know that we can’t avoid repayment forever. We take that first job, telling ourselves that it’s only temporary: “just until we find something better”, we tell ourselves. Before we know it, we’ve gotten comfortable.

Personally, I think this is how the mid-life crisis evolves. We spend 20 years of our lives doing jobs we don’t like because we have responsibilities to take care of. Somewhere in that time cars and homes have been bought and the kid’s post-secondary fund isn’t going to build itself. It’s the least we can do so they don’t go through the same student loan nightmare we did, right?

What if we could change this? Is it possible for students to pursue their passion and make money doing it? This is the question that the Not Your Average Career Fair was created to answer. This event is taking place on Saturday May 13 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from 9 am to 4 pm. Exhibitors will include private colleges and organizations with business opportunities.

There will be live performances by Hip Hop artist Noyz, singer-songwriter Julia Mittica and spoken word poet Lamoi Simmonds. The three artists, along with 3 entrepreneurs will be part of a panel discussion on “Doing what you love while earning a living”. There will be time for Q & A so you can pick the brains of people who have experienced the highs and lows of pursuing their passion.
For more information and to register for this free event, visit