China wants to bring its cheap labour to Canada to take our jobs

Frank Touby —

China complains that it can’t bring its cheap labour to Canada to work its investments in our natural resource industries. Reference

Poor babies!

They are so hooked on slave-labour economics that Chinese oligarchs don’t want to pay decent wages anywhere in the world.

Trans-Pacific Partnership job-stealing scam

If ever there was a signal how a Trans-Pacific “partnership” would do even worse damage to Canada than NAFTA has done, this is it!

NAFTA, you’ll perhaps recall, shipped our once-thriving automobile manufacturing sector down to Mexico. That “giant sucking sound” U.S. presidential candidate Ross Perot predicted North Americans would hear was NAFTA stealing Canadian and U.S. jobs

In tight-fisted China, where families must pay Beijing for the bullet used to execute one of their family members, Canadian oligarchs are corruptly trying to get Canada to wangle some sort of free-trade deal.

Think of it as slavery. It’s fine for the oligarchs who sell China our natural resources, but for the 99% of Canadians it’s catastrophe.

If you think it’s just the Tories who would sell out our jobs, you’d be half right. The Liberals are just as eager to enrich their big-business contributors.