Cabbagetown elects new board

The Cabbagetown Residents Association held its 2015 annual general meeting on June 17. Christina-and-John-Ganev-receive-a-Cabbagetown-Chalkboard-at-the-AGM

Outgoing president Steven de Blois summarized the association’s recent accomplishments.

He noted that the board had been using the community survey from late 2013 to guide its efforts during 2014, as well as gathering feedback via meeting residents, the website, polls, email and social media to further confirm direction and gain insights.

A special focus in 2014 was increasing engagement within the community.

That was achieved by simplifying and improving the membership program, expanding communication channels and holding fun events such as the Forsythia Festival and the Pumpkin Walk.

The 2015 Forsythia Festival saw an astonishing 550 people in the parade, 90 volunteers, 68 business sponsors and 700 attendees throughout the day.

There are now 513 contacts (averaging a 16% increase year over year), including 304 paid members.

After approving the financial statements for the year, the new slate of board members was approved.

Staying on the board for an additional term are incoming president Phil Frei, James Wood (vice president), Trish Finkelstein (treasurer) and Keith Lawrance. Joining the board for 2015-2016 will be Tyler Fleming, Scott Morrow, Chiara Novak, Marc Simmons and Kelley Teahen.

Incoming President Phil Frei told The Bulletin he is looking forward to an exciting term.

Last year we made a big investment in infrastructure for the Forsythia Festival, our major annual event, and that’s going to pay off in savings in future.

“We have a great new board with plenty of energy and ideas.

“We also this year decided to transition to a calendar-year membership, which will make things easier for both members and the CRA itself. Alongside that change we’ll be working hard to increase member engagement and board transparency.”

“We have an important change in the Forsythia Festival as well. Trish Finkelstein has been chair for the past couple of years but she’s moving into her now position as CRA treasurer, so she’ll be succeeded as festival chair by Chiara Sorbera.”