Want to be a naked butler? Here’s how:

“Due to high demand in Toronto, Butlers in the Buff, the Male order company, is recruiting a new team of butlers in the Toronto and surrounding areas.” Looking for gorgeous, hardworking men with charm, charisma, and a great butt, Butlers earn $50 an hour. Auditions are scheduled via Skype

Friday January 20 and every Friday in January and February 2016.  Hopefuls can email bookings@butlersinthebuff.com for a time slot.

Head of recruitment and one of the Directors at Butlers in the Buff, Jennifer Didcott, says:

“We know Toronto must have some buff young men, wanting to earn lots of extra cash by being paid to go to parties.  We have about ten positions available. Finding enough good men is the hardest thing about my job. We know there are good looking men out there – it must just be that they are too shy to apply!  So we’re putting out an appeal to the ladies of Toronto to encourage anyone who would make a Butler in the Buff to apply.  We don’t have an age limit but on average our butlers are between 22 and 34.  Obviously they have to have good bodies, nice faces but the most important part is personality – we’re looking for bags of personality to charm the ladies at our events.  The butlers earn $100 for 2 hours work plus travel and tips! What’s not to like?!  We’ve got so many bookings in Toronto we need lots more butlers asap!”

Butlers in the Buff is the world’s first naked butler company. Originally from the UK [editor’s note: naturally!], now also highly successful in Australia, Canada and America. They are now looking to expand their butler team in Toronto and across the Canada.

New butlers will don the trademark bow tie, collar, cuffs, apron, and nothing else—using their assets to make parties truly memorable! Charm and character play just as important a role in the butler’s duties as their looks and bodies. New butlers have to be fun and energetic, and enjoy working with party people.

Butlers will learn to be experts in etiquette; serving drinks, mixing cocktails and helping play party games in a charming manner—but don’t worry boys, no dancing or stripping required.

Being a butler is not all about champagne and smiles. Applicants need to be prepared to be fun, hardworking and punctual, and be confident in ensuring everyone is having a good time.

With flexible, part-time hours that fit around any schedule, and butlers earn $50 per hour—plus tips and travel costs—working for Butlers in the Buff can be extremely lucrative, and a fun way to earn extra cash.

Butler in the Buff Steve from Brampton, comments:

I love working for Butlers is the Buff as I get paid to go to parties and talk to fun people, it is all very professional and not at all sleazy—just an enjoyable way to make lots of extra money. I can earn more many in a 3-hour Butlers in the Buff party than I can if I worked the whole night in a bar.

If you think you have got what it takes to join the Butlers in the Buff team, email booking@butlersinthebuff.com for a time slot for the Open Auditions which are taking place via Skype Friday, January 20, 2017 and every Friday in February. Or fill in an application form online which can be found at http://www.butlersinthebuff.com/ca/work-for-us  and attach some recent photos. There are over 10 vacancies to be filled in Toronto.

— Stacey Bramhall stacey@butlersinthebuff.com or call 1(888) 210 8553