Biased Toronto media ignore blind Man with a Vision

PR-man/limo-operator running for mayor, far back in the pack and trying to promote himself higher

By Bulletin Staff —

   J.P. Pampena, a blind public-relations man/limosine-service operator and mayoral candidate who terms himself the Man with A Vision, seeks media attention by  accusing “some of the media of being biased as demonstrated by their choosing to cover only and only certain ‘favourite’ candidates to the exclusion of all others.”

According to Pampena, “The media continues to provide coverage only of the same old names, giving us the same old spiel and feeding us the same old crap we heard from scores of politicians before.

“This is the same media that reports on the one hand that Torontonians are looking for change and ‘new blood’ to lead their city yet they continue to promote candidates that all sound the same and will deliver the same old tired solutions to the issues facing our city.

Pampena terms himself “the most creative and innovative of all the other candidates but regrettably, the public may never be made aware of this.  Why? Because the media continues  to focus on a  handful of candidates like a gay ex-MPP who under his watch squandered over a billion dollars of taxpayer money, a councilor who hypocritically supports casinos while running on a crime-fighting binge and a woman candidate who seems to receive attention only because of her gender.  And yet the other 20 plus candidates are totally ignored and shut out of receiving their fair share of media attention.”

In further attacks, Pampena cointinues: “This is typical of the Canadian media who are a total farce and worse than the politicians they are kissing up to. Take for example one particular talk show host who on his “live drive” show [John Tory] would rather invite a councilor who slandered him for being a “3-time loser” than to welcome and give one of the lesser known mayoral candidates the opportunity on his show to introduce their platform to the voters.

“If the media really wants to do justice to the public and help Torontonians elect the best candidates to lead their city, then they need to step up to the plate and provide the other candidates with equal time and opportunity to express their ideas on how they would lead the city.  After all, we just may have the perfect Mayor-in-waiting amongst these other candidates,” declares Pampena.

“So if the media doesn’t straighten out their act they may ultimately doom Torontonians to a council made up of the same old players with the same old tired ideas and worse who show total disdain for the people they are meant to serve as demonstrated recently by the likes of Councilor Paula Fletcher, a true Millerite.  Therefore, we challenge the media to stop the favouritism and give all candidates equal time so the public can make a more informed choice on election day.

“With the myriad of serious issues affecting the city, the last thing Toronto needs right now is the same old, same old type of leadership at the helm.”