Berzcy Park working group holds final meeting before public gets its say

The Berczy Park working group which goes to the public Oct. 23 was formed to examine possibilities about the redesign of the iconic St. Lawrence Neighbourhood triangle that houses the Flatiron (Gooderham) Building on the east.Volunteers-Friends-of-Berczy

Business representatives and local residents joined as volunteers to the group, along with architectural designers, city staff and area Councillor Pam McConnell to do the preliminary deep thinking about it in preparation for the first public session Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. in the North St. Lawrence Market.

The selected design group, Claude Cormier + Associates, also designed the spectacular and popular Sugar Beach on the waterfront. Comier led the meeting through the various options and considerations that should guide local residents in settling on a final design.

The working group spend hours watching the presentation which also made detailed
references to various public space uses—both good and not good—in numerous cities.
Recommended, for those with an interest and an hour to watch, was this video below, “The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces.” It’s considered by architects and planners to be a superb study and explanation of the subject:

William H. Whyte: The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces – The Street Corner from MAS on Vimeo.

— Frank Touby