The advantages of a flat roof

Flat roofs are being used in the modern design of houses today for several reasons, including time and expense, energy efficiency, and alternative uses of the roof beyond its traditional role. When you hire reliable roofers – in Toronto are seasoned flat roof experts –  a flat roof can be just as effective as a sloped roof, with less cost in materials and labor, especially on smaller area construction.

In the past, flat roofs conjured images of black tar and gravel, but today a waterproof seamless membrane can be used. You can also apply reflective coating to your roof that saves on energy bills and has a nice, bright sheen – flat roofs with membranes and coating can reflect up to 90% of the heat away from the roof, making them very energy efficient. Also, flat roofs can be converted into green roofs. Green roofs are sod based and can be erected over the membrane, hosting a lovely vegetable garden and even a little lounge area. Vegetable, herb, or flower gardens can be created, maximizing your use of the roof space as well as providing extra insulation. A flat roof also creates more space inside of your home, so from a spatial perspective, there are many advantages.

Other modern design options allow for a patio or a deck to be built over the membrane to protect the roof as well as create additional space for relaxation and socializing. Since the roof is flat, you can maximize the use of your roof space and have a large area to work with. Flat roofs lend themselves to future construction if you want to add another story on to the site. Just remember that a deck has to be built above the roof, complete with its own support structure, so that the weight of you and your guests is not pressing down and straining the roof.

Since flat roofs have only a few degrees of pitch, doing small repair or maintenance is safer than with a sloped roof. When it comes time to reroof, it usually only takes one day for the job to be completed. With a small amount of maintenance you can extend your roof’s life – again, roof coating can be extremely effective in this scenario: by preventing ice build-up or water pooling on the membrane, you can extend its life and prevent leaks.

The membrane on a flat roof must be replaced about every ten years under normal circumstances. This means that you will want reliable roofers for the installation that use the best roofing materials available. It would be a wise use of time to research the roofing companies in your area. Often times smaller, family owned companies can offer better, more personalized service. Call the company you choose to meet with you and go over your roofing options; don’t just hand them the job, make them explain the value of their service. Flat roofing installation requires a certain expertise, so check to see if the company you are choosing has a history of flat roof installation. You will want to be able to rely on them comfortably for excellent installation and reliable maintenance. The best companies offer 24-hour emergency services. Be sure to hire a company that offers warranties on their services covering including tear-off, materials, and labor.