Adornments on Queen closes its doors forever

Adornments on Queen Fine Furnishings & Gift Boutique (formerly at 338 Queen Street East, Toronto) closed its doors on May 31. The store is closed and we are no longer conducting retail services.

adornmentsonqueenFII must thank you all for your numerous collaborations and accommodations to assist my business over the last 6 years. 

It has been a struggle, and the store ends its activity with significant losses, having not made a profit throughout its short life.

We were hampered by my inexperience, an unfavourable economy, price increases that did not parallel customer incomes, a pioneering location that was unable to meet its promise in a reasonable timeframe, a generalized downgrade in quality of goods, and the market dominance of large stores and chains able to discount offerings beyond the capacities of a single independent store.

Nonetheless, we have been heartened by the sincere expressions of love of the store proffered by our regulars, and the overwhelming response to our closing offers.

And we were bolstered by the steadfast, loyal and skillful contributions of our marvelous staff members to the very end.

(PS: I am able to offer recommendations for any of your Toronto clients or contacts who may be seeking stellar staff.)

Thanks to you all!

— Barbara Stewart


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  1. I loved that store, omg where would I go now for my antique shop. Any recommendation would be appreciated <3