A sophisticated guide that teaches Jill how to jack off

Katie Fawkes —

Yes, it is 2015, but many women are still in need of an accessible guidebook on masturbation. While some are lucky enough to understand how to pleasure themselves andsex-yourself-cover
achieve satisfaction in solo or partnered sex, this is far from the norm. Many women attend workshops, visit therapists and ask their friends in a quest to learn more about their bodies and achieve the pleasure they feel that they’re missing. Common questions include:

  • “Why can’t I orgasm?” or “Why can’t I orgasm with my partner?”
  • “Am I normal if I don’t feel much inside my vagina?”
  • “I get bored when I masturbate because it doesn’t go anywhere; what is wrong with my body?”
  • “Does the G-spot really exist?”
  • “What if I become addicted to a vibrator.”
  • Or even simply, “How can I enjoy sex (more)?”

Toronto sex educator Carlyle Jansen’s new release, Sex Yourself: The Woman’s Guide to Mastering Masturbation and Achieving Powerful Orgasms answers all of these questions and more.


Based on 20 years of educating thousands of individuals, couples, sex therapists and pleasure seekers about increasing their erotic potential, her first book addresses the many questions that women—and their partners—have about sex and pleasure.

Sex Yourself is an easy-to-read, practical guide on erotic anatomy, techniques for pleasure, spicing it up and how to maximize orgasms. Written for women of all orientations to learn about self-pleasure, much of the content also translates into partner-sex, including hot solo sex possibilities with a partner. Feedback on Sex Yourself is that it is an accessible book on a topic still intimidating and even embarrassing for many.