Viewpoint: A finish and a future for St. Peters congregation

In the amalgamation service for St. Peter’s and St. Simon’s Anglican Churches, it was mentioned how difficult this process is for St. Simon’s, the accepting church. However, nothing was said of the grieving congregation of St. Peter’s Church or of any of its history.

One wonders what that means at the diocesan level, perhaps a one-sided effort or lack of clarity as to how this happened.

Sadly, prayers and singing will never again fill the now empty shell of St. Peter’s sanctuary. At present, the buildings are rented to Dixon Hall.

The good news is, at the grass roots level, both congregations have begun to accept their joining.

St. Peter’s has been stripped of its personal history and moved to St. Simon’s. There the altars, baptismal font, pulpit, memorial plaques and other religious and historical items have been graciously accepted and incorporated into the building.

The name has been changed to St. Peter and St. Simon. Together the combined congregations are planning for theAdvent services, with faith and fellowship. Again, thanks to all the faithful believers and their new enthusiastic minister and guide, Reverend Geoffrey Sangwine.

Thanks to all readers for your great response to the previous article in July.

— Fran Brown