8-storey condo above Gerrard St. Beer Store?

The proposal to build an 8-storey condo on the Gerrard Street Beer Store site ran into complaints at a Cabbagetown South community meeting on Wednesday.

The BIA has written a handy guide to panhandling: What’s legal and what’s not. There’s an early report of a stabbing in Regent Park and four men have been arrested.

Several fundraisers are in the works. Dixon Hall’s Dixonlicious, the CYC’s Spring Fling and the Shamrock & Sneakers run.

There are lots of March break activities for young and old.  Plus St. Patrick’s Day events for those who are thirsty.

Cyril’s back with another yummy cooking class. Owen at AAA has more tips for your Income Tax Returns. The HOP is a sponsor of Elephant Space.

Lots more. Read it here: www.cabbagetownreview.blogspot.com

— Doug Fisher