100 Bernese Mountain dogs expected at Cherry Beach april 24 for annual world wide walk

Hogtown becomes Dogtown on Sunday as 100+ Bernese Mountain Dogs are expected to be in attendance for the Toronto portion of the 3rd annual World Wide Berner Walk.

In 2012, Christa Duff started the walk in Toronto as a get together for other Berner owners.

As the event grew in popularity, Christa decided to create a World Wide Walk and invite other countries to host their own. The first World Wide Walk happened in 2014 with over 1,300 dogs in attendance around the world and last year’s event had 2,200 pooches.

“I am so excited for this weekend. I love seeing all the images and messages come through on our Facebook page from all over the world. For dog lovers, there is nothing better then being surrounded by 100 fluffy, giant, teddy bears. The countdown is on to Sunday,” states Christa.

The World Wide Walk happens all over the world on the same weekend, once a year. Countries that are involved in the 2016 walk include: New Zealand, Romania, Ireland, Greece, Uruguay, Japan, South Africa and United Arab Emirates!

One of the Canadian walks is happening in Toronto on Sunday April 24th at Cherry Beach starting at 12:00 p.m. and over 95 people have signed up to join – some with more than one dog. Four and two legged friends are coming in from all over Ontario and the U.S including Buffalo, North Bay, Ohio and New Jersey.

More About the Walk:
• Date: Sunday April 24, 2016 at 12:00 p.m.
• Location: Cherry Beach at the foot of Cherry Street just south of Unwin Avenue in the
Dog Park.
• Details: There will be a group picture in the beginning and then dogs are encouraged
to play and enjoy the water for the rest of the afternoon.
• Disclaimer: Anyone joining the walk is responsible for their own dog(s) and please do
not bring any dogs that are in heat or are aggressive towards other dogs.