Will you lookie for a hydro bookie?

By Frank Touby –

Are you looking for a bookie to take your bet on electricity prices? It turns out the new smart hydro meters won’t necessarily save you money and might well cost you more.Dalton McGuinty apparently wants you to find a bookie. Otherwise why would he not only let such an “industry” exist, but also invent the high-cost smart meter scam that could drive you to gamble on a cheaper way?

You can only deduce that the neocon premier is looking out after his corporate masters and driving you to their claws.Remember all the scandals of poor suckers being tricked by quick-talking salescreeps into signing contracts that lock them into outrageous charges for electricity with no cheap way out?

Electricity is a public utility. Industrial energy consumers might need to hedge against future price hikes, but there is nothing to justify a corporation selling consumers a gamble on what future rates might be. It produces nothing.Not only isn’t it an industry, it ought to be illegal. It’s what bookies get locked up for doing: taking side bets.