Who’s playing in the Blanket Fort?

Revisit the best of your childhood with BLANKET FORT—a pyjama party where everyone is invited!

From Art is Hard, a collective of theatre and installation artists who are redefining artistic space, BLANKET FORT is a 6-day interactive installation that empowers participants to create, change, and take ownership of the space around them.

From January 24 to 29 build your own little corner of the fort – hang blankets, rebuild the structure or collaborate with other people to make the BLANKET FORT the best it can be. Young or old, engineer or artist: anyone can join in!

BLANKET FORT comes alive in the evenings, with workshops and special events featuring  Pencil Kit ProductionsCome As You AreSolar Stage Children’s Theatre, xLQ  and more to be announced.

Visit our Facebook event for complete listings and schedule.

The Theatre Centre Cafe is open during all Blanket Fort hours, which means that yes, the fort is LICENSED. Join us for TC cafe’s excellent coffee, drinks, FORT SNAX including a CHIP BUFFET, and a not-to-be-missed pancake breakfast.

We want to explore what happens when audiences are given ownership over the flow of events, and the space around them,” say lead artists PIP BRADFORD and REBECCA VANDEVELDE. “How do we best work and play together, when given a common goal and the tools to achieve it? What do we do when we are given permission to have fun?”

Previous Art is Hard projects have debuted at the Rhubarb Festival (The People’s Gallery 2016), Theatre Passe Muraille (PIE IN THE FACE at Nuit Blanche Cabaret, 2015) and the Toronto Fringe Festival (FLIP THE TABLE, FRINGE PORTRAIT STUDIO, 2014 and 2015).

Come back to the Theatre Centre for BLANKET FORT evenings for a special series of ticketed events.  in collaboration with other artist collectives and curated by Art is Hard, these evening shows bring the community even closer to BLANKET FORT: an event created and shaped by its participants.

January 24 to 29 join Art is Hard and build the BLANKET FORT of your dreams at the Theatre Centre!